Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Uhh, What About The Safety? (LAB C prt 1)

I probably committed the biggest sin as a future Physical Educator during my Speedball lesson. I forgot to mention the most important aspect of teaching, safety. I started my lesson after another lesson and a lot of volleyballs were left out on the court scattered everywhere. Instead of having the students pick them up I went straight into my lesson. That ended up being a big "no no." Besides that, I did not go over any safety statements before I sent the students off to the activities I had scheduled. Two students then got "hurt," but not too seriously. One student was hit in the face with the volleyball and the other was supposedly kicked in the face. When this happened I immediately stopped the class and attended the first student. I instructed two students to go get the school nurse as I watched over the injured student. While this was happening, other students were rough housing and a girl was "kicked" in the face. So I attended her to make sure she was okay, which thankfully she was. Both students, shaken up, sat out the rest of the lesson along the side lines. As far as the actual lesson goes, its deffeniatley hard to have multilple games going at once and pay attention to everyone and everything. As the lesson progressed I kept remembering not to turn my back to any part of the class. That was the hardest part. I kept finding myself directly facing one of the games with my back to the other. That is not a good way oversee the class. As for the sport of Speedball, I do not think that the students understood the concept of the game. There are only a hand full of students in the class that have played soccer in the past. Because nobody has really played soccer before the played Speedball in the air as in basketball and handball. Nobody wanted to play the ball on the ground as in soccer. So, next time I teach a Speedball unit I will spend a lot more time on playing the ball on the ground.

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