Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now? (LAB C prt 2)

I just finished transcribing my audio for my second Speedball lesson. I do not like listening to myself talk. Sometimes you don't realize the things that come out of your mouth. Although I did improve on one important thing. I only said "umm" two or three times over a seven minute lesson. Which I feel is good. That's the one thing I remember from taking public speaking. If you can't think of what you are suppose to say pause and don't say anything until you gather yourself. Do not say "umm." In the beginning I checked for understand to see if the class still knew how to get the ball off the ground with the flick up and had a student demonstrate. After that I talked a little too much than I probably should have but we were going to play a game and I knew there was not going to be a lot of talking other than feedback. During the small sided game I had a good string of feedback given to the students. I made sure that I used their names when talking to them, which is also a good thing. Then the class was interrupted by not one injury but two. Did I forget to mention that I never went over any safety concerns? Yup. That was the one thing missing from the lesson and I paid for it. The students were okay in the end. Next time I will be sure to remember the safety.

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