Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Catching Time Coding
LAB C Speedball Lesson Plan 1
LAB C Speedball Lesson Plan 2
LAB C Speedball Transcript for Second Lesson Taught
LAB C Speedball Time Coding
LAB C Speedball Feedback Analysis 1
LAB C Speedball Feedback Analysis 2
LAB D Orienteering Lesson Plan
LAB D Orienteering Time Coding
LAB D Orienteering Feedback Analysis
Scavenger Hunt Heart Rate
My Lab C & D were too big to upload so you told me that I could just email them to you
Standard 3
Planning and Implementation (orienteering write up that was emailed to you because it was too big to upload)
Standard 4
Instructional Delivery and Management (Orienteering Lesson Plan)
Standard 5
Impact on Student Learning (434 Gaelic Football PowerPoint)

Looking Back on My First Speedball Lesson

It seems like it has been a long time since I first taught Speedball. In a way that is a good thing because I have grown a lot since then when it comes to teaching. During the first go around with Speedball my activity time was not good at all. There was a lot of waiting time, which is really bad. Waiting time like this turns into boredom for the students and this is when behavior problems arise. Because the waiting time was so high the activity time was low. Activity time needs to be above 50% and in my case it was not. Looking at what types of feedback I gave also shows that I need to improve in that area. I only gave feedback to about a third of the class. Most of the feedback given was general. Saying that I need to be more specific with the feedback in order to help students reach their potential.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Practical Experience

Some time ago I put together a volleyball team for the last tournament of the semester. There was not much to it other than finding a couple of guys and gals to play. We showed up and I meet with officials and coordinators of the tournament to discuss rules and what was going to happen. My team got the number 2 seed after round robin play. During playoffs we won our first game and lost to the eventual winners of the tournament. It was a lot of fun playing from 8pm until 2am. But it was disappointing to have to leave at 2am when it was freezing outside and on a sour note. I also volunteered to be part of a research study ran by Dr. Foley. The first half of the study was set up to teach us "how" to assess students playing basketball. We watched some videos of students playing basketball at various skill levels and then verbally explained what we would give them out of 1-4 scale and why. The second half of the study we were assessing 10 students playing basketball. All at different levels of ability. We assessed the students and handed in our sheet. This study was to compare assessments made by me and several others.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Me Now Vs. Me Then

In the beginning of the semester we had to teach a simple lesson. The only difference with this is that it was in "shotgun" method. Meaning we had no time to prepare and our teaching was done on the fly. My lesson was based on "catching". Pretty simple. Not really. Being my first time teaching in this class and with such a simple task of "catching" I felt like I was trying to teach college students how to relearn how to read. I really had no idea where to start and felt uncomfortable in front of the entire class. The lesson only lasted a few minutes and all I could remember was that I had a fairly high activity time for my students. Everybody was engaged in the "catching" and nobody was standing around. I also did not say much. I was pretty much speechless. Now, looking back at my lesson there are a lot of things I would change. First and foremost, I would have acted like I had been there before. If you look, talk, act like you know what you are talking about people are going to listen to you....even if you have know idea what you are talking about. Secondly I would have broken catching down into it different stages. Learning is best done at levels of progressions. The hard part is finding what level each individual is at in order to keep them challenged and motivated to want more. My most recent teaching was done with orienteering. Although I am still learning I feel as though I have come a long way. I feel a hundred times more comfortable in front of the class and I don't have a problem speaking up when somebody misbehaves. I am not perfect now and I do not think my teaching will ever be perfect because I am always learning. I can only do the best I can with what I have.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Student's Final Grades

Here are the final grades after the 5 weeks of studying the purpose of physical education.