Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My First Experience

My first experience was put on me and my partner without any warning. We were given several minutes to wing something together that was considered a basic skill. We both agreed on the most basic skill that all people of all shapes and sizes can take part in, "catching". Although catching seems so easy that you can just do it with little instruction, we ran into several ideas to break "catching" down into its most basic phases or progressions. When the lesson began the projection of my voice was below average at best. The beginning of the lesson was much too slow and the students did not get a chance to buy into the excitement. They thought "this is gonna be boring." To demonstrate proper form of catching we should have had all the students sit down for 20 seconds while they watched and then went and got their ball to play "catch" with. The actual drill of learning how to "catch" and its progressions should not have had everybody lined up military style playing "catch." We should of instructed the students to find their own space in the gymnasium because we had the whole gymnasium to work with. We cramped everybody into a small area that restricted their movements. Also with increasing the area and letting them spread out takes away from the concentration on them as an individual. The only person able to concentrate on them would be the teachers and their partner. if we had more equipment we could have started the lesson with throwing a scarf up to yourself and the most basic progression and then moving on from there.

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